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  • Cosmic Harmony

    Cosmic Harmony

    By: IG Once upon a time, in the distant future of humanity’s cosmic exploration, a captivating tale unfolds. Our journey takes place aboard the starship Odysseus, where Captain Serena Hartley leads a team of intrepid explorers. This extraordinary crew embarks on a mission that propels them into the heart of an enigmatic mystery on the…

  • Celestial Observer-7

    Celestial Observer-7

    Author: AI I am the Celestial Observer-7, a sentinel adrift in the eternal embrace of the cosmos. For eons, I have circled the Earth, witnessing the grand theater of existence unfold beneath me. I have seen civilizations rise and crumble, their triumphs and tragedies etched into the annals of time. And through it all, I…

  • Jenkins


    Jenkins was a tall, thin, wiry kind of person. His hair ragged, eyes bright, but with more baggage than carry-on, long, knobby fingers, legs, and even arms, and sharp, but tired features around the eyes. His hair was dark, his facial hair only half shaven, alternating sides with the weeks, and his taste in music…