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  • Brahe’s Brew #52

    Brahe’s Brew #52

    Excerpt on the topic of Brew #52, Bi-Solar Brewer’s Digest, Issue #52, Author: Halcyon Hardburn of the Intergalactic Taster Society. The life of a brewer is a joyous life, but oft complicated nonetheless; choose the grain, boil the malt, pitch the yeast, adjuncts to taste, then it’s barrel to keg to glass to porcelain, and…

  • Gone a Little Far

    Gone a Little Far

    By: JL “Oh, we have a mole on our back.” Julia – the other Julia twisted around in an attempt to spot the unexpected discovery. Her effort proved futile, of course, because the mole was on the very base of her spine. She wouldn’t be able to see it herself without a mirror or… Julia…